As a software engineer especially in front end fields, we usually becomes an enabler for product and business to create things. As times goes on, front end not only do UI Layout and API integration, now we can do machine learning right on our client side.

Here I am going to share my experiment on how to create computer vision model to determine your hand sign with Alphabet ASL (American Sign Language). …

containerization a web apps using docker and deploy it to google cloud run services.

As a software engineer especially in a front end scope, not many engineers get their hands into the deployment process. Usually productivity engineer or DevOps already did the configuration in the pipeline, and we as front end engineer just focused on our code. Why don’t we try to learn how to deploy our code with cloud services?

Google Cloud Run is is a managed compute platform that automatically scales your stateless containers, so we are going to use docker in this step.

Mandatory prerequisite to follow: 1. Install Docker 2. Install Google Cloud SDK ( 3. Create a new project…

Titus Efferian

Currently i am active in javascript and google cloud platform

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